10 Tips to Super-Boost your Smartphone’s Battery Life !



Boost your Smartphone’s Battery Life !

Increase battery life– Hi Guys, welcome back again. Battery-life is the key-feature when deciding which smartphone to buy. We consider smartphones that stay with us for a longer period after being charged. Some of them stay for a quite period of time while some loose all their power.


Smartphone usage and users are increasing day by day. Because of the over usage many peoples struggling to maintain the phone battery.

Here are some tips to improve the battery capacity of your now best friend, i.e., your smartphone. Follow them to make sure that your phone stays active with you more than it lives now:

Now read the tips to improve battery life!

10 Tips To Improve Battery Life

1) Use black or dark coloured themes and wallpapers. This lowers the screen brightness and saves power. This is also beneficial to your eyes.

2) Don’t allow all the apps to use location access. GPS dries up alot of power. Customize which apps are allowed to access your location.

3) Turn off auto-sync. Go to settings -> Google account and turn off auto sync for apps that you don’t want to be updated all the time.

4) Turn off vibrations. Vibrations require a lot of power. Instead keep your phone on the ringing mode.
Also turn off the vibrations while typing.

5) Keep your phone updated. Developers launch the the updated versions of app to improvise the battery life and memory utilization.

6) Use airplane mode when not using your phone to be connected with the world. Whenever just playing games, listening songs or watching movies, use airplane mode to save battery.

7) Keep your charger plugged in to the phone for 10 more minutes after acquiring a fully charged battery.

8) Never let your battery to move down from 30%. Always keep it on or above 30% to improve the battery life.

9) Don’t use your phone while charging it. Along with being dangerous, it also damages the battery of your smartphone.

10) Put out the cover of your smartphone while charging and keep the phone near a fan or cooler. This helps in maintaining the temperature of the battery and it gains power in a better and quicker way.

These are few tips to better your battery. If you know some more tricks, do share with us.

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