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Thetan Arena App Loot

Thetan Arena app– Hi Guys, how are you? Today we are back with New app for earning some crypto coins. The app name is Thetan Arena which is launched in playstore recently. This app will help you to make online income by playing multiplayer games ( like pubg, minimiltia ), referring friends etc. Read more information of this app below.

Thetan Arena


More about Thetan Arena app

Thetan is an app For those who likes earn something while playing. The earnings in the app is based on coins system. The major feature of this app is that you can self earn crypto coins and redeem it. Also there is a leaderboard and you can see how others performs.

You can also earn by referring your friends!

We have seen lot of crypto earning apps previously, but only few of the are genie and all others are fake or not giving payout. But for Thetan Arena, you can definitely earn some THC crypto tokens.

You can send your THC crypto coins to wallet like trust wallet, meta mask (where the coin accept ) after reaching the minimum coins.

Features of Thetan Arena app

– Free to play with free heroes and skills.
– A brand-new play to earn system, allowing you to earn cryptocurrency.
– Trade items and skins on the marketplace.
– Monthly-updated contents.
– Periodically special events: campaign, collection, leaderboard competition, war.
– Get rewards for every achievement and milestone in your progression.
– Ranking system with generous rewards for top tier players.
– Pet system.
– Leasing system.
– Guild quests/ wars.
– Tournament.
– A healthy and active community.

Now simply follow the below instructions.

How to Earn from Thetan Arena app

1. First of all Download Thetan Arena app.

2. Then install and open the app.

3. After that Sign up using email.

4. Then Enter your details like username, email and password.

Note: Email should be verified!

5. After successful registration, start earnings by playing games, referring friends etc.

How to play and earn crypto coins from Thetan Arena app

This is very simple you just play online multiplayer game like pubg with solo or team, then complete stages. You can redeem THC crypto coins in each stage based on the session.

Thetan Arena refer and earn

Well, there is also refer and earn feature to engage users. So make use of it and earn more crypto coins. currently you will get 3 THC crypto coins per refer.

  • Firstly Go to Friend >> Invite.
  • There you can find your unique referral link.
  • Then Copy that and share it to your friends with download link.
  • You will get coins once they signup and start playing games!
How to redeem Thetan Arena coins

You can send your THC crypto coins once you have minimum redeem coins/stage into wallets like meta mask. Current rate when creating this post ( 1 THC = $0.237782 )

Thetan Arena token

Know Thetan Arena

Thetan Arena’s gameplay is designed to combine your personal skills and teamwork. Challenge yourself with various game modes: from classic MOBA tower rush to battle royale, coming with monthly updates and attractive rewards. Moreover, Thetan Arena introduces to you a brand-new play to earn system, allowing you to earn cryptocurrency by playing and trading NFT items on the marketplace.

Thetan Arena


With Thetan Arena, Wolffun wants to bring you an all-ages-friendly free to play PvP MOBA mobile game based on blockchain, suitable for all types of gamers: from casual players who have little time to spend, to hardcore players who are looking for real challenges. It does not matter how much you invest in our game, there will be possibilities for you to compete against the others.
Now, let your heroes strike!


– Battle Royale: [solo/ duo] a brand-new mode to find the last man standing. Show your tactics and survive among a massive battle of 42 players/ 21 duos.
– Deathmatch: a traditional PvP mode. Form a group of 4 players and battle with others.
– Superstar: gathering the superstar quickly before the enemies do.
– Tower Destroy: a classic MOBA mode. Rush toward your enemy nexus and bring it down.

Other features of Thetan Arena

– Equip your heroes with a wide selection of skills, aside from their signature abilities – creating more possible combinations and strategies to survive on the battlefield. They are categorized into 3 distinctively different skills sets:
+ Effect skills: inflicting status on self, allies, and enemies.
+ Damage skills: used to greatly increase the amount of damage in a short period.
+Support skills: aiding you against attacks of enemies.
– Matches last up to 5 minutes – ideal for on-the-go gaming as well as casual and mid-core players.
– More than 30 heroes and still being released. Each hero comes with a signature ability (fury), assured to turn battles upside down when used at the right time.

That’s all about Thetan Arena. You can fully trust on this app and use it without worry about coins. However this is not a financial advise, this is for educational purpose.

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